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Bloomberg Interview, February 17th 2022


The space elevator has been a sci-fi favorite, a planet-to-space transport system of enormous capacity and efficiency, not to mention an architectural wonder.

Our earliest records of the idea date back to 1895 and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, the Russia rocket scientist and space philosopher. The concept has appeared in numerous fictional works even Hollywood movies across the decades.

The space elevator was the stuff of dreams. Until now...


Dr. Bradley Edwards, our founder, was the lead scientist on a number of feasibility studies for the space elevator concept, including the 2003 study commissioned by the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts, and in his words, There is no reason we can't build one today. We simply need the will to do it.

The surprising truth is the technological gaps that exists in the past are all covered, and have been for some time now.

Furthermore, technologies are rapidly improving on all fronts. It is only a matter of time before humanity builds the first space elevator.

The race has already begun!


The benefits could scarcely be overstated.

For those of us that look up to the stars and dream, who work in the space industry already, who hope someday to visit space and look back on our beautiful blue planet... The space elevator accelerates everything.

Rockets cost a tremendous amount, because they incur exponential costs to go to space. They have to carry fuel, to carry the fuel, to carry the fuel, to carry the payload to space. The costs add up exponentially.

The space elevator changes the game.

For the space elevator, the cost of moving a load to space is the cost of the energy to move the payload. You don't have to take fuel with you, or expend fuel to carry to fuel, to carry the fuel, et cetera. This 90% or greater reduction in the cost of getting to geostationary orbit (and further access anywhere in our solar system) brings a world of possibilities.

In Dr. Bradley's words, When historians look back 500 years from now, they will put a breaking point right where we build the space elevator.

Space Elevator Illustration